Over the years, cubicles have become an integral element, essential for the functionality and hygiene of both public and private spaces. The latest regulations on hygiene in the internal areas of change rooms specify a clear demarcation between areas accessible barefoot and those with shoes.

In all those situations where the optimization of available space is essential, Stratificato Print HPL offers wall panels that completely replace traditional masonry, thus minimizing all types of maintenance.

This type of wall is erected easily and in a very short time, providing a finished space without any need for further work. The structure usually sits on adjustable aluminium feet, to facilitate cleaning of the floors. This type of installation is widely used in change rooms, factories, industrial premises, health organizations and wherever a high level of hygiene is required, without compromising the aesthetic features required of contemporary fit-outs.

Countless design solutions are available to sub-divide or create bath, shower or change rooms, where assurances of hygiene is always linked to the undeniable aesthetic qualities of the materials.

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Our collection is developed in-house and thoroughly tested in a reverberation room of an independent acoustic laboratory. Detailed test results can be found in official European reports, which are available on request. The end results are displayed in charts in our brochure, which you can download in the following link:

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Take your design to the next level with the different solutions that we can apply to these panels, such as CNC machining, digital printing, and more.

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