You imagine, we print on anything... in high definition.

Our acoustic absorbing panels come in the form of closet walls, or mounted as wall cladding, partitions, sliding doors and interior doors, offering acoustic solutions for offices, call centers, meeting rooms, schools, reception halls, sports halls, restaurants, pubs, recording studios, living rooms, home theatres, museums, malls and other spaces.

Industrial digital printing plays a pivotal role in decorating the places where we live and work, from wooden floor surfaces, furniture, skirtings and glass to fibre cement, ceramic, plastics and packaging.

Today, industrial, decorative and functional printing demand effective mass customisation, and in this regard digital printing offers outstanding advantages.

What these three segments have in common, in fact, is a growing need to respond to diversified, fast-changing demand. That's why we focus on innovative technologies that make manufacturing flexible, allowing architects, decorators and manufaturers to carry out small production runs and adapt to customisation requirements.

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Our machines allow us to provide integrated digital printing solutions that can print on wood, laminates, plastic surfaces, fibre cement, graphic communication, ceramic, fabric, wall linings and glass.

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Start your journey now. You have the possibility to invent. With the digital printing technology, pictures and drawings will be at a 'click' distance to their realization on laminate.

To get a print quote, or to ask a print question, please contact us. We are available in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman.

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