Material Exterior Grade (MEG)

MEG is a robust construction product that is ideal for architecture and comprises a rigid core combined with a decorative surface consisting of weather-resistant thermosetting resins.

Compact and long-lasting, MEG is specifically designed for outdoor application; it is resistant to natural weathering providing technical performance that make it suitable to the building sector, where it represents an excellent alternative to traditional materials.

MEG Collection is comes in either standard, colored, wood, metal and concrete versions for a contemporary and industrial touch.

FAÇADES A MEG wall cladding offers highly technical and aesthetically pleasing results. The style can be adapted to different environments and to different customer requirements. MEG clads public and private buildings according to the creativity of the designer, who can draw his/her own customised cladding design.

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Our machines allow us to provide integrated digital printing solutions that can print on wood, laminates, plastic surfaces, fibre cement, graphic communication, ceramic, fabric, wall linings and glass.

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DIGITAL PRINT MEG allows any commercial or evocative image to be created, for any façade format or element. Every project consists of a unique characteristic.

BALCONIES MEG is also suitable for cladding balconies and parapets, details that constitute and complete the entire architecture, allowing these open parts to be characterised with matching colours or contrasting elements.

ENVIRONMENT MEG consists of 60-70% cellulose fibres obtained from renewable resources, while for the remaining part (30-40%) it consists of thermosetting resins. Organic solvents, asbestos and heavy metals do not enter into its production process.

MEG does not release gases, vapours, solvents or fluids. Due to its high calorific value, MEG also allows energy to be recovered from the incineration of its wastes in specific waste to energy plants. In addition, MEG has obtained a positive LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), calculated according to the ISO 14040 standard, which is used to determine the environmental impact of the product, taking into account the materials used, the energy consumed and the emissions in all stages of the life of the product itself.

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